Hi guys Glenmac are holding a golf equipment drive green event , this will be held over a 2 day period between the hours of 10am-2pm both days at th Waterford Valley Golf Club on the 20 and 21 of january2015 . Lite refreshments and finger food will be served on both days.
Glenmac have been a great supporter of the VTETA for many years so it would be good to get out there and check out all the new John Deere turf equipment .

Time Between 10am and 2pm
Dates 20 and 21 January

New year and new sponsors

Hi guys i have been a bit slack lately so firstly i would like to thank toro for our last meeting of the year , which was a another special day . Gary price gave us a hands on day from power steering valves to Hydrostatic transmisions . Also our VTETA dinner was held at the dingley international hotel and toro sponored the evening and a great nite was had by all .
As you no we have been doing a sponorship drive for our association and i am pleased to announce TORO AUST has taken the gold sponsorship for 2015 .Silver has been taken by ADE TURF EQUIPMENT and GLENMAC have the Silver sponsorship . With the Bronze sponsorship we have DAVID GOLF ,KUBOTA , and METRO TURF . We will post all there details so you no where to go get get all your machines , parts and any service work or grinding .
Cheers guys here’s to a good year.

Next Meeting TORO

Hi guys

Our next and final meeting of the year is at Toro in Braeside . Have to finalise  what we are going to do but i am hoping we can get our hands dirty on , some drive systems or a power steering assembly . What ever it is Gary price is always very entertaining .

Also you all would have recieved your invoices for your membership fee , and for those who have paid would of received an invitation to our turf tech dinner . if you havent paid your fees and you want to come along to the dinner , now would be a good time to talk to John Phelan and arrange to pay your fees . The dinner is all inclusive for members , wives / partners at no cost for the nite out , talk to John Phelan .

Date  >  25-11-14

Toro  >  Downard st Braeside

Time 8-30 am

RSVP to John Angliss by 11-11-14 0n 0449 903 270 for catering .

Glenmac Meeting

Hi guys just a quick note to thank Dieter , Jim and Helmut on a great day at Glenmac .With tractor trouble shooting and finding an easy way through the John Deere web site we had a interesting and informative day .

Also we had our AGM meeting with the committee standing down . After 12 years as President tony Hopcraft is taking a well earned rest. The new committee is as follows .

President    :  John Angliss  Kingston Heath

Vice President : Steve Hall   Peninsula – Kingswood

Treasurer      :  John Phelan  Woodlands

Secretary      :   Steve Ingram   Greenacres

One more thing guys you should have recieved an invoice for this financial year which is due now , Also our turf tech dinner will be by invitation to financial members only and partners , Details to follow as well as our last meeting of the year which will be in November   .Watch this space , if you havent recieved an invoice please contact John Phelan on 0412 121 533 cheers guys

John Angliss

Next Meeting Glenmac

Next meeting will be at Glenmac which will be on tractor trouble shooting  . This will be something different so this should be a good day . New members are welcome to come along and meet some like minded people . Glenmac have been a great supporter of the VTETA so come along and enjoy the day , even if you think you no every thing you just  might pick a new process that you could use in the workshop  .Also guys we will be having our AGM as well , see you at the meeting

Date 9/09/14

Time : 8.30


14 Rushdale st


RSVP To john Angliss by 2/09/14 on 0449 903 270 or   Email


ADE Meeting

Well ADE realy put on a great meeting , First up a breif chat about taking on Jacobsen turf Equipment which is a huge task , but i am sure Tim and his team are capable of getting Jacobsen back into the turf industry market .

Then we had Tim McCarthy from EPG Engines , Tim took us through the new Fuel injected Kohler twin . This motor has the latest computers that can store so much imformation  that will make it a pleasure to work on and service . With the computer program you can plug your lap top into it and   gives you everything except a happy ending , well maybe it does that to who nows .Next year we will arrange a full day on a Kohler .

Ray Duffy from Tru-Turf took the floor and went through all process  building greens rollers , a lot more work goes into designing and building these machines . Ray is a wealth of information when it comes to greens rollers . This was a great session and a lot a questions where answered about old rollers and new machines that look great .

I would also like to mention Ray Grech took the floor and as is the norm ray did his thing .I dont no how he does it but this guy stores so much knowledge i swear he cant sleep at night . Ray also talked about ADE and Jacobsen and got some pretty good feed back from 20 Turf techs that came to the meeting . Once again i would like to thank Tim , Noel and the team for putting on the day .

Cheers John Angliss




Next meeting . ADE Turf Equipment

Hi guys

Next meeting will be at ADE , we will be doing some training on KOHLER engines not Vanguard , This is to be confirmed . Also as you now ADE are now the Jacobsen dealer so Ray Grech will be out at our meeting

Also we will be checking out the true turf rollers and club car.

ADE TURF EQUIPMENT .     Date 29/07/14        

Time 8 am

RSVP  John Angliss on 0449 903270

or Email by 22/07/14


Hi guys, we ventured out to Northern Golf Club for our last meeting and wow what a day . As you know PLP could’nt attend, so at the last minute a call to Graham smith at Toro and Gary Price was on his way . Gary is one of the best trainers in the turf industry so we where pretty pumped to have him come out to Northern . The Toro 5510 was the machine that Gary did the testing on which was very informative and entertaining as Gary has a lot of stories to tell about his travels. The day was all about learning the symbols of the Hydraulic and electricial system and then flow and pressure testing the systems , this was a great day and we will be doing a lot more in the future . The purpose of our association is to learn how to service , repair, maintain, fabricate and grind everything you can think of and a bit more , we are expected to know about every thing, these meetings mean networking and learning not only from Gary but through our own network of technicians  .A big thank you to Ken and Northern Golf Club for letting us have our meeting a great day was had by all .

see you at the next meeting 29 /07/14

Cheers John Angliss