Hi guys, we ventured out to Northern Golf Club for our last meeting and wow what a day . As you know PLP could’nt attend, so at the last minute a call to Graham smith at Toro and Gary Price was on his way . Gary is one of the best trainers in the turf industry so we where pretty pumped to have him come out to Northern . The Toro 5510 was the machine that Gary did the testing on which was very informative and entertaining as Gary has a lot of stories to tell about his travels. The day was all about learning the symbols of the Hydraulic and electricial system and then flow and pressure testing the systems , this was a great day and we will be doing a lot more in the future . The purpose of our association is to learn how to service , repair, maintain, fabricate and grind everything you can think of and a bit more , we are expected to know about every thing, these meetings mean networking and learning not only from Gary but through our own network of technicians  .A big thank you to Ken and Northern Golf Club for letting us have our meeting a great day was had by all .

see you at the next meeting 29 /07/14

Cheers John Angliss